Deposit Accounts

We offer a variety of checking and savings accounts.

WSB Traditional Checking Account

A Washita State Bank Checking Account makes managing your money easy, affordable and earns interest monthly.  It’s easy to make deposits to your account at the bank, Night Deposit or through direct deposit.  A WSB traditional checking account comes with unlimited check writing, Debit Card, free bank-by-phone and Online Banking.

WSB Traditional Money Market Demand Account (MMDA)

Maximize a high interest rate while maintaining flexibility with your money. This tiered, high yield money market account has a minimum deposit and provides a higher rate of return as your balance grows.  Plus it offers the convenience of immediate access to your money with limited check-writing ability, Debit Card, free bank-by-phone and Online Banking.

WSB Traditional Savings Account

A Washita State Bank Savings Account is the perfect way to start a great habit!  You can start saving for a family vacation, a child’s education, or even an emergency fund.  At Washita State Bank you have the tools needed to make your savings goals a reality…FREE direct deposit plus you’ll earn interest on your funds.

Washita State Bank Loans

We offer a wide variety of Agriculture, Consumer, Business, and Auto Loans. Let us help your dreams come true!