Changes in the rules for Automated Clearing House (ACH) credits and debits took effect September 15, 2017.  Due to these changes, virtually all types of electronic payments (excluding debit card transactions) for both credits and debits are now eligible to be processed on the same day they are originated.  This will speed up the payment system, which has great benefit when you are receiving a payment, but also means that when you are making a payment, it will now clear sooner.  

A few examples of same-day cases include the following:

  1. Same-day Payroll – Provides flexibility for late and emergency payrolls and missed deadlines; allows employees to have faster access to their pay in these cases;  
  2. Business-to-Business Payments – Enables faster settlement of invoice payments between trading partners while including remittance information with the payments;
  3. Expedited Bill Payments – Using both ACH credits and debits, enables consumers to make on-time bill payments on due dates and provides faster crediting for late payments.
  4. Account-to-Account Transfers – Provides faster crediting for consumers who move money among various accounts they own.  

What does this mean to you?

Please ensure funds are available in your account for payments you make online or via telephone to avoid incurring NSF fees.  Float times will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated altogether.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department at (580) 562-4871 or

Thank you for banking with Washita State Bank.  We appreciate you!